Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers

We love old-school action sidescrollers, so you can imagine how excited we were about this game. It has you brawling your way through simple levels, but as the famous characters from the various Cartoon Network shows. Gumball, Steven Universe, Mordecai and Rigby, Clarence, Jake and Finn, and Uncle Grandpa are all available and ready to kick butt.

As you might expect, the action follows a silly story that sends these characters jumping through dimensions between each show’s locations. It begins when Uncle Grandpa tears a hole in the universe by pressing the wrong button in his campervan. In order to fix the problems that result, the characters of Cartoon Network must join forces to take down the various villains.

The best way to play is with four friends in co-op. The controls are quite simple, but there is a lot of action unfolding on screen, so you will need to stay alert to succeed. Each of the characters has their own unique styles, but they can also combine their powers for extra special moves in the middle of battle. It really is quite nuts having all these different characters teaming up together in the same game.

With 24 levels to bash through, it isn’t the longest game ever, even with the boss battles. However there are special modifiers you can turn on in the Bonkers mode that add new elements and rules to the gameplay. This gives you new challenges on maps you have already finished, giving you a good enough reason to play again.

There is a pretty old-school feel to this game, as it never takes itself too seriously or tries to reinvent the genre. But if you’re looking for a couch co-op experience to play with your friends and you love the Cartoon Network, it’s definitely worth a look.

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