LEGO City Undercover Out Now

One of the best ever games in LEGO series is making a triumphant, multiformat return.

One of our favourite exclusive games on the old Nintendo Wii U was LEGO City Undercover and it has just made a triumphant comeback. Not only is it on Nintendo’s new Switch console, but also on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Unlike the other LEGO games, this is set in an open-world city based on the actual LEGO toys. So it has an all original storyline and all new characters.

You play police officer Chase McCain who is trying to stop a recently escaped bad dude take over the city. You are free to roam around the town looking for collectables, completing quests, climbing buildings and jumping in vehicles – it’s all really good fun. There is plenty of variation in the city, too, and the storyline – told through great cutscenes – is hilarious. The characters are just so cool! So is driving through the city smashing into things and watching them break down. The gameplay switches between the open-world activities, and story-based levels that feel more like the other LEGO games. This includes special bricks that you can use to do epic super builds.

If having LEGO City Undercover back with spiffy new visuals wasn’t good enough, there is one big inclusion that really helps this game become a must-own. The developer has added in co-op, which was a feature sorely missing from the game when it first came out. Now a friend can join in the fun!

Lego City Undercover is out now.

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