It’s Adventure Time me hearties, arghhh!

You should never be surprised when Adventure Time is involved, but very few would have seen Jake and Finn enjoying a game of this size and scale.

Name: Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion
Format: PC, XBO, PS4, Switch
Developer: Outright Games
Out: July 20

The Land of Ooo has been cut off from the rest of the world. The ocean has flooded in, turning all the famous kingdoms from the hilarious TV show into their own little islands. Of course, this is the work of some evil dude, and our heroes need to take him out. So to begin with, Finn, Jake, BMO and Marceline get themselves a boat and begin sailing the seas. They will need to find and reverse the work done by the Enchiridion, which has played a role in flooding the Land of Ooo.
It’s a pretty cool idea for a story, right? It’s not based on an episode from the show either, but is completely new and written just for the game. You get to play as Finn, Jake, BMO and Marceline through this adventure and make no mistake, this is a proper big adventure game. In the past we have seen the Adventure Time series switch and swap between all kinds of genres, but we don’t think there has even been a game in the series as big as this.
For starters, it’s a fully open world. Like the biggest adventures and RPGs, you are free to sail (in the water) and platform (on land) where you want and explore the various kingdoms. There are stacks of characters to meet and talk to as you go, lots of secret areas to discover and, of course, loot. Lots and lots of loot! You don’t have to do just the story missions either, with lots of sidequests to dive into and enjoy.
As you might expect from a game like this, there is plenty of fun to be had just exploring and discovering all the areas you’ll remember from the TV show. The visuals are really neat, capturing the cartoon-look so well you’ll feel like you playing one of the episodes. It’s also awesome having the voices from the show as well as it really helps make this feel like a true Adventure Time experience.
It’s not just about exploration, however, as this game has a lot of RPG elements. You will need to upgrade your heroes as you play, making sure they are improving so that you can take on increasingly harder bad guys.
Combat is turn-based and tactics heavy. As well as your normal attacks, there are items, spells and potions to manage, as well as unique hero abilities to unleash. Turn-based combat is not always for everyone as it’s a bit slower than action-heavy games, but it remains a lot of fun here. Not only is it cool using all your resources to come up with the smartest tactic to win, the characters play just like you would expect. There are even lots of funny one-liners.
It’s true, you never do know what to expect from an Adventure Time game and this one is a big surprise. It’s a huge open world adventure with lots of RPG elements and plenty explore. Put on your pirate hat and walk the plank: it’s time to dive in.

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