WWE Super Show-Down

They’re saying WWE Super Show-Down will be like a WrestleMania Down Under and we’re hyped! Here’s the inside goss straight from the mouths of The Phenomenal One and the self-titled Princess of Staten Island…

KRASH: Who is your dream opponent for WWE Super Show-Down?

AJ Styles: I don’t have a dream opponent BUT I am sure the WWE Universe does and we’ll give that to them.

Carmella: So I’ve beaten Charlotte Flair twice now and I’ve beaten Asuka so I think the next opponent that makes sense for me is Ronda Rousey. Who knows — maybe I’ll hand her an ‘L’.

KRASH: Do you have to book extra baggage when travelling with the championship title?

Carmella: I’ll have some extra hardware in my bag but it’s a lot better than having to carry that briefcase.

AJ Styles: The championship belt doesn’t leave my side.

KRASH: What can KRASH Heads expect at the show?

AJ Styles: Expect the unexpected. There’s going to be some unbelievable matches and we’re going to tear the house down because that’s what we do. You’ll be elbow to elbow with a lot of other crazy fans and that’s what we want. When the WWE Universe is going a little crazy, we go a little crazy too. It’s what we feed off.

Carmella: It’s basically like WrestleMania. We have the biggest roster ever that we’re bringing. We have your favourite Superstars who are currently on the roster and then we have Legends and Hall of Famers. Expect to see John Cena, The Big Show, Shawn Michaels… You’re not going to want to miss it. It’s going to be HUGE.

KRASH: What does it feel like when you walk out into an arena?

AJ Styles: There’s a reason why I’m 41 and still doing this. When I walk down the ramp and there’s a sea of people going absolutely nuts it’s a feeling you can’t describe and I enjoy every second of it.

Carmella: Your music hits and suddenly you’re on and you get to turn it up. I get chills thinking about being in the middle of the stadium at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and hearing all the WWE Universe go wild— I can’t wait!

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